a bit about me…

My love for this industry has expanded over 15 years of trends, styles, products, and tools. It is constantly changing, growing, and, thankfully evolving (least we all be stuck on baby blue shadow and pink shimmer lips, doused in Love’s baby soft!)

I first knew I needed to be apart of this fabulous industry at six years old, watching my mom curl her lashes so carefully and being amazed at her precise execution, as she applied Maybelline’s iconic Great Lash Mascara. I watched in awe as she pulled all her permed hair up in a gator clip and sprayed her bangs into perfection. The first time she did my makeup and hair was an awakening. I was always kinda shy, and had never experienced the transformation, that is a makeover! I think she did pretty good?!

IMG_7989   father daughter dance circa 1996

That’s when I really knew that I would always need this; this power, this creative license, the ability so show someone all that they are. There is nothing more satisfying then watching someone fall in love with themselves, simply from updating a hair cut, brightening up their color, or adding and unexpected pop with a new lip shade.

From there, the next step was simply, not exactly easy, but simple. Follow my heart. I dropped out of college, applied to Cosmetology school and even though uttering the words “college dropout” broke my heart, my first day at cosmetology school, I knew I made the right decision. This is where I NEEDED to be! Since then, I have pushed, challenged, and developed so much within the industry. Finally finding a “home” at Crop Salon, I am able to fully pursue, all the beautiful things I love.  I hope you’ll join me as I explore every aspect of the beauty industry and bring you all that I have learned over the years!




Our owner, Ashley Zolenas, has been a cosmetologist specializing in bridal style for over 15 years. She has extensive experience applying makeup and styling for photoshoots, editorials, and of course weddings! She works closely with her clients to craft the right look for any event. She has completed many advanced training sessions including, Ardell Eyelash Extensions, Nova Lash Eyelash Extensions, Temptu AirBrush Makeup, Martin Parsons UpStyling and Braided Bridal.

Beth Landsman has been in the wedding industry for over 15 years. She has an amazing attention to detail in creating beautiful updos. She recently attended educational classes at Ion Studios in NYC, focusing on editorial styling and hair design. She excels at crafting looks that last for our brides. We are so proud to have her talents on our team!