Policies and Contracts

Wedding Policies

A 50% deposit made by the booking party, typically the bride, must be paid within 10 days of a signed contract. The contract will be void and the date released, if not made. Payments are accepted in Cash or via Venmo, @BlushandManeBeauty

After the Contract is received, and the date reserved, no other changes may be made. The booking party is responsible for all the services being requested. While we will work with you if you’d like to add services, we will not take payment for less then origianlly stated on the contract.

Our Products

We take special  care to plan for each job and will come fully prepared with all the essential, and time trusted products needed to create the the perfect look. Please inform our stylists if you have any allergies, or contagious diseases, (cold sores, pinkeye etc.)  Please understand that withholding this information puts you, other clients, and our entire kit at risk, as there are some diseases that require us the throw away contaminated materials, rather then just disinfecting.

If a clients has specifically requested we use their products, we will make every effort to accommodate, however, we will not be held responsible for the products performance; i.e. You may risk “flashback” from a camera, if using a foundation that contains SPF, verses our specifically formulated HD foundation makeup.

Please be advised under no circumstances may you or anyone in your party, use our products, tools, or brushes. We follow strict sanitation safety and procedures, to protect our clients and our kits. Plus our tools and supplies are expensive and at times HOT! Keep this in mind for little ones too!


There is a travel fee of $50 for anything over 25 miles from the 21152 zip code. In addition, if travel includes crossing the Bay Bridge May-September, another $50 fee will be added.

All Parking, Hotel, Tolls, or Valet fees will be paid for by the booking party.

Early start time, includes anything before 7am, and is an additional $25 per stylist.

Holiday Weekend, is the Saturday or Sunday of a major holiday; i.e. If the Fourth of July is a Monday, the prior Saturday/Sunday is the holiday weekend, fee of $25 per stylist


We will gladly work with any coordinators, but please be aware, that depending on the style/look and setup, we will alternate who receives what services and when; i.e. Long thick hair that is being worn down, but curled, will require setting time. This will create a gap with that stylist, and it maybe arranged that they receive makeup services in the setting time, then go back to finish hair. In our 15 years, this has been proven to be the most effective use of our time. We have never had a late bride!

Typically your photographer will dictate your ideal finish time, once that is decided, we will be able to determine your start time.

It is imperative that anyone receiving services is on time and comes prepared. Everyone should have CLEAN and DRY hair, unless specifically told otherwise,  and a clean, makeup free face!