The Beauty of your Special Day

One of the things I’ve always loved about a special event, is getting ready for it! I love planning out the outfit, and the to do list, but to be honest, I normally plot my makeup look first. Depending how that turns out, I’ll have a good idea of what I’d like to wear. If I nail the most perfect winged liner, I might opt for that funky dress I wasn’t sure I could pull off. I love pulling out old favorite shadow palettes, and rediscovering my old favorite colors. It was during this recent discovery that I had a total déjà vu from my wedding day, which got me thinking about this post….

Planning your Wedding Day Look

Whether you’re  doing it yourself, or hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, remember to think about comfort. You will be heavily photographed, and “on” all day, when all other things are maybe not so comfortable; dress, shoes, undergarments, public speaking… make sure your makeup is! You want to feel like yourself, just your absolute best self! It’s ok to experiment with different looks, but do test runs well before. If you’re thinking about trying a bright pink lip, test run for a few days in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Ask yourself, “How do you feel wearing it?” Are you thinking about it, or worried about how it looks, are you wearing it, or is it wearing you?? If it’s something you are thinking, or over thinking about, you may want to skip it. Try something that makes you feel good, not worried. Something that compliments your best features, rather then squelches your confidence. You will look your most beautiful self, if you believe you are beautiful, and part of that comes from owning your look. Incidentally, I see this a lot with boudoir shoots. We all have things we don’t love about our bodies, but the best boudoir pictures come from the women who let go. The ones who look in to the camera with the same look they’d give a lover, and stop obsessing over thigh gap or lack there of.

Creating My Look

My favorite palette, with my favorite colors was from MAC. I was all about the browns and golds, Tempting, and Retrospeck. They paired perfectly with Vanilla and Carbon. I created a look for myself, and I called it…..Champaign Pop. No, seriously.

It was 2011, and I came up the my perfect wedding day look, Champaign Pop. I tested it over and over again, until the look was perfect. Then I scheduled a trial run with a local artist, explained my look, and waited to be amazed. Truthfully, I was impressed, at least with my skin. She had used cream blush, which was new to me and blended it out beautifully. My skin was flawless but not caked on. The eyes, however, just didn’t work  for me. It wasn’t Champaign Pop. The light was too white and the Champaign was too flat. Ultimately, I decided to do it myself, thankfully on the day of our wedding I loved it! It was my perfect Champaign Pop! (Still can’t believe that was my name.) And while this was before the explosion of You Tubers telling us all how to contour and highlight to the hilt- using the actual Champaign Pop, I knew enough to ensure my skin was glowing in all the right places.

So play around, schedule trails, and don’t be afraid of a new suggestion, or color. Just make sure you feel confident and don’t wait to the day of to test it out!

“A Smile is the BEST makeup a girl can wear.” -Marilyn Monroe